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Kaizen It: An Excerpt From My New eBook

Here is an excerpt from my new eBook coming out soon. This will give you an idea of what my new book series will be about. My plan is to provide the best “how-to” books out there with real world applications. Not training on Lean and Kaizen, although that too will be a part of this site, but a step-by-step guide for anyone to use and be successful in transforming any area of their business. These books will not be full of Japanese buzzwords and technical jargon, just simple guides to follow based on some of the most common problems I’ve encountered over the past 20 years.

A Kaizen event can take a long time to perform. It depends on the problem, its location, the current business environment, knowledge and experience of the leader, and much, much more. I have led and been a contributing active and support member for hundreds of Kaizen events. I have seen them solve all the worlds problems, and I’ve seen some fail miserably beyond comprehension. What I have learned over the years is that Kaizen events really aren’t that hard to lead. One of the common misconceptions I read in most Kaizen and Lean material is that the leader of a Kaizen event should be someone with experience and indepth knowledge of the processes of Kaizen; they should be results oriented with very strong organizational skills, outspoken, and full of fire-in-the-belly. I say, “Hogwash!”

For most of you looking to lead a Kaizen event, you’re probably a regular employee looking to make a difference to make either your life, or someone else’s life a little easier, and at the same time, save your company a little money in the process, and improve the quality of your product or service to your customers. You are one who cares about what you do, and how your business is perceived by everyone on the outside. You are Joe (or Jill) Regular, with nothing to prove, and want to make a difference. I have put together this eBook to help you do just that.

This eBook has been designed to instruct you with step-by-step procedures of leading a Kaizen event, no matter who you are or what position you occupy. As you break down the steps of Kaizen, you will find you probably already know most of the subcomponents and tools used to make it happen. You will not find this material filled with science and theory. Instead, it will walk you through an event and explain in detail what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to finish strong in the eyes of your team, your management, and most importantly you, which will help you gain confidence as you move into leading the next event.

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