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New Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Site Updates!

This will be a short post to let you know I have made some fairly sizable updates to the site. I realize a site like this is never going to be “complete” as the nature of Kaizen and Continuous Improvement is just that – continuous. There will always be discussion, debate, and technology advancements that may change the course of the information provided. Even so, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? For one, the more information I decide to include about Kaizen, the deeper I seem to go into the realms of Lean and Six-Sigma. Although this is not my primary focus for REAL Kaizen, I feel it’s necessary because of how closely these topics are tied. So from here on, I guess I’ll include some of that information as well.

1. New static front page (Home): I decided I liked the static home page better than my rolling blog because when people are searching for support documents like templates or presentations, or educational material, they might not care about what I had to say yesterday about quality circles or SMED. New on the Home page is an introduction, a video, and direct links to help people based on their experience level with Kaizen. Providing the right support to the right group of people is important to me so I need to ensure the navigation is as easy as possible.

2. Change to the Navigation Menu: The old design included separate tabs for Templates and Presentations. The new design has renamed this section “Tools” and includes both within this page. I also added the tab “Learn”. This page is now dedicated to the topics of Lean and Kaizen but still needs to be populated with more content.

3. Added social media icons. Come on! Be Social!

Many of the new pages do not yet have content but I am writing my butt off to get information populated to the site. Please be patient as it takes a little time to write this content (I was up until 1:30 AM this morning). I think what I will do, at least until I have my own content, is provide some of the information from Wiki. If I do, it will be sourced at the bottom of that page. This will at least give you something about the subject until I write my own.

Hope this helps! Remember – I take all suggestions into consideration.


All best!


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