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Kaizen: More Good Updates to the Site Tonight

I ask that you please bear with me on some of this as I’m fairly new to WordPress and my awesome new Thesis theme. I have to say, after playing around with about 30 different free themes built in to WordPress, I found out about Thesis from a friend of mine, and as advertised, it rocks! They have an affiliate program so I’m thinking I might check in to that too. As you probably already know, it’s a lot easier to promote a product you use and are happy with than one you can never seem to figure out.

Now on to the good stuff!

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve been working diligently for a few weeks now on both the site and my first ever book. I have filled many site pages with good content; a lot from Wikipedia just because of the nature of the topic, but also much of my own material. What I think I will do in the future is provide my own content as the feature and back it up with the Wiki stuff just for reader comparison. Primarily, I have spent the past few days identifying Kaizen-related keywords and building Pages based on them. The two things left to do on these pages now is add my content, and address the SEO issues for title, description, and keywords. There certainly is a lot of information already out there on Lean and Kaizen, but I honestly think once people see what my plan is, this site will really take off. I could be wrong, but hey – I’m going to give it a good shot!

I decided yesterday I was going to change the way my site works. I don’t want another “me too” site where I just put up a couple pages of content then push the hell out of my book or load the site with advertisements. After all, I’m not driven by monetization. I truly believe in Continuous Improvement and think it can do a lot of good for a lot of people. A few days ago, I changed the home page to a static design. The content on that page now has 3 links in the middle of the page. Link 1 is for Kaizen beginners; Link 2 is for the somewhat experienced; and Link 3 is for the know-it-alls.. ; – )

After researching keywords using the Google Adwords tool, it is apparent there are thousands of monthly searches that include the “how to…” or “what is…” prefix. This falls right in line with the purpose of REAL Kaizen. I want to help people understand what Kaizen is all about, and teach them how to lead and facilitate a Kaizen event. At the moment, I’ve completed only the first of the 3 links but will soon have the other pages once I figure out their content and navigation. I also included a table on the beginners page that shows data from 2008-2009 on the number of companies transforming to Lean. Very interesting stuff!

On another note, my day job as a manufacturing engineer has me hopping. I sat in on a fairly lengthy meeting today with my boss where he basically handed me the reins for the plant Operational Excellence Program. We talked about some of the problems already loaded in the database that need to be targeted for a kaizen event in 2012. I am to build the rolling schedule for them and take the lead. We have 2 other manufacturing engineers in house but they do not have any experience as an event leader so I also need to train them and a few others in the plant. I have to admit, I can’t wait to get started!

Be on the lookout for daily updates to the site. I continue to add more content to help support your Kaizen event and Continuous Improvement efforts. I would really like to start getting some feedback about what people want to get out of this site so if you happen to drop by, add a comment or two.

All best!




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