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New Kaizen Forum discussion area added to REALKaizen!


Hello REALKaizen followers!
It’s been far too long since my last posting and I noticed some interesting things while I was away… primarily, how much interest there is in kaizen and continuous improvement! Even though I haven’t been writing new blog posts, traffic continues to grow here. Because of that, I spent a number of hours brainstorming (sometimes by myself) to find a better way to increase engagement of the topic.

Going back a few years, I tried to add a forum discussion session to the site but I wasn’t sure how well received it was going to be so I removed it. It wasn’t until a few months ago when some new (much younger) friends asked where they could find good kaizen discussion points with reviews and user input. As new grads come out of college, about the only options they have to learn quickly about kaizen is through full Lean Manufacturing coursework or from the hope there are experienced kaizen facilitators nearby. It’s been presented to me numerous times that there was a need for a *kaizen only* forum.

With that said, I knew I had to activate the forums again. The hope is that one day there will be enough relevant and valuable content about kaizen that the board contributors will run this site. So as you read this, I challenge you… please, to help our kaizen forum community start out right, join the discussion! Add a new topic or respond if you have some good input to share. I’m sure all of us using or wanting to learn more about kaizen will greatly appreciate your involvement.

So, without any further ado, I present to you… the Forum boards (insert bells and whistles here). CLICK HERE >>

Come join us!

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