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About REAL Kaizen


“Our mission is to provide a total package of online Kaizen Training to our customers in the shortest and most effective way possible.” was developed to provide a combination of free and paid Value-based Information and Training to support your journey into the teachings of Kaizen Events and the Kaizen Blitz. This site is designed to take those on their Kaizen journey to the next level.

We offer you a chance to bridge your knowledge gap between Kaizen trainee and the Kaizen Master in the shortest period of time. Within these pages, you will find a glossary of Lean and Kaizen terminology, sample presentations, and an extensive online library of lean and kaizen templates and worksheets – many of which are free to download. 

business-1297332_1280BUT, to really gain the full benefit of complete Kaizen Training, sign up today for the latest REALKaizen Action Video Courses!




Our courses will take you through Step-By-Step instructions of how to set-up and prepare for a Kaizen Event, how to Run a Kaizen Event, and how to manage and sustain all the benefits that Kaizen has to offer!

Our courses are designed using the latest in teaching technologies. Each Module of Training consists of videos that explain in detail how to perform each Step in the Kaizen Event Process!

Question: “How do I select my Kaizen Team?”

Answer: There’s a Video for that!

Question: “How do I Run a Kaizen Event?”

Answer: There’s a bunch of videos for that!

Question: “How do I know we are measuring the right things?”

Answer: … and we have a video for that!

learn-977544_1280“Our Methods are simple. Our videos are easy to follow, easy to understand, and are available to you for an extended period of time so you can either take your time to view them or watch at whatever pace you prefer.”



Each video is typically 6-12 minutes in length and are taught by an industrial engineering professional with more than 20 years experience in Fabrication, Production and Marketing in the aviation, energy and medical industries.

The video designs are based on some psychologist’s exhaustive studies about our attention spans. Apparently, people prefer shorter videos with higher-quality content  over sitting in a day-long conference listening to boring speakers who can put you to sleep – go figure. With this course, your learning is at your command! Turn it on and off at your own pace!

As a BONUS, each video also comes with its own .pdf download FREE with the purchase of the classes so you can reference the material at any time in the future. The download links are located right next to each video.


Our goal is simple – Make learning Kaizen as easy and fun as possible and in the shortest amount of time for our customers. Don’t expect all the theoretical Japanese-themed mumbo jumbo here.

If you really want to learn how to Perform Kaizen, Lead a Kaizen Event, a 6S Event, or create a Value Stream Map in a factory, office or service environment, this is the place to be!

“Special Note: We are in the process of completing these courses. Due to the time involved to ensure each one is validated for the highest quality, we are not quite finished. Please check back soon for updates as more courses will be made available on an ongoing basis.”

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Here is a look at some of our latest and upcoming classes:

  1. Introduction to 6S: The REALKaizen 6S Strategy
    1. The Origins of 6S
    2. The Safety-Driven 6S
    3. The 6S TEAMS
    4. The Visual 6S
    5. The 8 Wastes
    6.  6S in Factory -vs- Office
  2. The Factory 6S:
    1. Safety as the #1 Pillar: Changing the Safety Culture
    2. Implementing Safety as a Process
    3. Sort: Finding Your Junk
    4. Set in Order: Creating The Visual Environment
    5. Shine: Cleaning Methods and Maintenance
    6. Standardize: How to get to “Sign me up!”
    7. Sustain: Setting up an Unbreakable Plan