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Dictionaries define the term discipline as (1) activity that develops or improves a skill, and (2) training or punishment through correction to act more in line with the rules. As it relates to Lean and Kaizen, discipline follows more along the lines of the first definition of improving skill but also includes training as one of the primary tools that can apply to everyone involved.

The kaizen facilitator must possess and portray discipline as a segment of the total required skill set comprised of continuous and rigorous focus on objectives. He or she should have the ability to influence others into promoting an environment of continuous

improvement, and through application of specific tools, channeling that focus into long-term gain for the organization. The actions required to maintain this level of focus and direction is the discipline needed for successful transformation.

One of the more challenging aspects of this skill set is aligning others such as team members, management, and personnel outside of application-specific work teams to provide the same or higher level of focus and discipline.