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Keep It Simple

The KISS Concept KISS, in terms of Lean and Kaizen, means ‘Keep It Simple & Stupid’. When I first started working as a Production Supervisor, my boss introduced me to this concept. The idea is that the simpler the design is, the easier the process is for production to understand, and therefore, should reduce the […] Read More

What Is Kaizen?

What is Kaizen? The word Kaizen is an American term derived from the meaning of two Japanese words; Kai, meaning “change”, and Zen, meaning “Good”. Combined, the word Kaizen generally means “Change for the better”. Kaizen is used most often to describe a process of quick change or improvement in an organization through utilization of […] Read More

About 5S

Here are some recent pictures of examples of a 5S Program […] Read More

The REAL Method of Kaizen

The REAL method of Kaizen consists of: Research, Engage, Act, Learn. Let me break this down so you can see what this means. Research Nothing happens without research. Early in my career, I read every Lean book, pamphlet, and guide I could get my hands on. This was critical to understanding what Lean was all […] Read More

Kaizen It: An Excerpt From My New eBook

Here is an excerpt from my new eBook coming out soon. This will give you an idea of what my new book series will be about. My plan is to provide the best "how-to" books out there with real world applications. Not training on Lean and Kaizen, although that too will be a part of […] Read More

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