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What is 5S & 6S?

5S and 6S is a workplace safety, organization, and cleanliness methodology originally adopted for use in manufacturing environments, then expanded throughout multiple industries to aid in supporting differing workplace management systems. The 5S methodology is based on a cycle of continuous improvement and flow of steps that address comprehensive reorganization.

The 6S System

5S is designed to be a visual program where tools, material and inventory are all correctly identified and placed for optimum use and efficiency. 5S also helps to improve safety, quality, equipment life, employee morale, and more by reducing or eliminating wasted activities like searching for tools or parts, dealing with lost product, processing WIP, or underutilizing people.5S is often used as a first step in the Lean transformation. Without experience, it is sometimes easier to attain major improvements with a 5S event than trying to tackle a complete Kaizen event.

Examples of 5S & 6S:5S Examples

5S Pictures


WHY 5S & 6S?

OSHA Standards save lives


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  • fawzi

    Dear team ,
    Thank first of all for nice website and pictures about 5s I need to star my team to implemented the 5S , I like to on member in your team please keep me in loop .

    Have a nice day

  • Dean McCollum

    I have been given the task of implementing 5S / 6S at my work place….help!!!!!!

    • Tim

      It’s a culture, once you get buy in, everyone will take note and want their area to look like a 5s area.. everything has a place.. If you don’t use it, get it out of sight… organized, labeled,clean,easy access,
      but if people don’t understand, and buyin, it’s a wastre of time.. Management has to pushit and back it.. I’ve been doing it for about 28 years now, all in 3 major Japanese automotive plants… It saves on tools, supplies,consumables,great way to run a shop or plant

  • Bala

    very helpful and practible

  • Bala


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  • Syed Suleman Naqvi

    Thanks, it is very informative, please send me more presentations on 5S for the training of my technical team.



  • MILA

    Great! Very well organized!

  • make a improment

    thanks regards santhosh

  • Learning more as I continue to study about 5s and kaizen activity.

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