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World Class Manufacturing

Similar in the principles of Operational Excellence, Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen, World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a strategic operational imperative (goal) based on concepts designed to improve the way an organization operates, performs, and is perceived by its customers and shareholders. For a manufacturing company to be considered world class, it will likely have a successful Lean or Continuous Improvement program, a six sigma level of quality, will perform rolling and continuous kaizen events (kaizen blitzes), and involve all of its people in continuous improvement initiatives from the ground up.WCM is not a project or initiative designed to provide quick results by forcing employees to accept change. It is a process involving and empowering everyone in the business to identify and correct problems on their own, to take ownership of their own work processes, and to be responsible for the quality of their own work. In a world class organization, this responsibility and sense of ownership can be found in the people pushing the brooms up through those running the company.

Based on the 8 wastes found in [manufacturing] businesses today, WCM goals include eliminating waste and improving efficiency, performance, safety, and the bottom line. Critical to the success of WCM is the involvement of people.